We had a great Father's Day weekend!
It started off by doing Preston's favorite thing...a campfire in the mountains!
We invited friends up to Mueller Park and had a yummy BBQ, the kids played and played at the campsite and in the stream and the adults chatted.  The weather was perfect and the sunset on the way home was breathtaking!

On Father's Day I made breakfast....that's a pretty big deal because Preston is usually the breakfast maker.
After church the kids had Preston open his gifts.  It was mostly clothes because he's in desperate need of new ones!  They were really excited to give him his mints (they like those too) and the cute homemade notes they made.

That night we went out to Tooele to visit Preston's family and celebrate with his dad.
We had another delicious meal, lots of family talk, a World Cup win, and gave Preston's Dad his Father's Day gift...

I think since Father's Day included the mountains, a campfire, World Cup soccer, treats and the kiddos, Preston would call it successful!

Happy Father's Day!

{Me and my sisters with our Dad in Tan-Tar-A...maybe 1985}

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