the end.

School is almost out for my boys,
but Stella is already done!

She finished up preschool and tumbling this past week.
This year has been great year for her!
She has learned so much with Miss Pam and Miss Kim.
I'm also really happy that she enjoys going somewhere without me...
because she is her mommy's little buddy....always wanting to be where I am.
It's so fun to see her write letters and sing songs that I've never heard of.

She's also come to love tumbling.
I was super tempted to keep her at the same preschool next year so she could do tumbling again,
but I've decided to send her to our neighborhood preschool and then sign her up for a gymnastics class separately.
I think she will love trying out all 4 events and being introduced to new skills at a gym.

My baby girl is growing up!
What a year it's been!

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Niederfam said...

CUTE little preschool/tumbler…….

I'm ALOT late in responding, but Mitt tried out for "Morgan Storm" it's the "club/comp" team here…………BUT it wasn't too be! ;(

Good thing he LOVES baseball, golf, and mountain biking too!