Take me out to {another} ballgame!

We honestly go from one sport to another most nights.
But that's okay, we chose it.
Our kids don't love it everyday, but we love what they are learning and when they are older we will let them decide.  Plus, they have all summer to play with friends, roam the neighborhood and get screen time.
When the weather is good, the ballpark is one of my very favorite places to be.
Henry's league is getting old enough that they mostly play baseball by the real rules.
They make plays and hit the ball hard.
It's really fun to watch...
especially when there is a giant park, loaded concession stand and a clean bathroom nearby...everyone is happy!
Henry was unsure about playing baseball this year, but we are all so glad he did!
He gets better every game and his team relies on him to get a hit every time he's at bat and field those hard grounders at 3rd base.  
We say we'll let them choose what sport to play when they get older but Preston and I both secretly hope they will keep playing soccer and baseball.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right?

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