Letting it go

My daughter, along with the rest of the world, is obsessed with Frozen.
She only wants to sing Frozen songs and wants to sit on the ipad and watch all sorts of Frozen videos on YouTube.

I think Stella and her best little cousin, Afton, make quite a Frozen-loving pair in this duet.
I was cracking up when Janelle showed me this yesterday.  The girls were playing at her house and wanted her to record their singing.  

My faves...
:36- Afton's sweet head tilt and matter-of-fact "...couldn't keep it in. Heaven knows I've tried."
:58- Stella's bold "and now they KNOWWWW".

You can tell that Afton is headed for Broadway with her facial expressions and dancing-while-singing skills.
Stella, on the other hand, has her mom's dancing skills and prefers to stand in one spot and just sing.
Although I'm not even brave enough to sing.  
Should I just "let it go" one of these days too?

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Keely said...

this is the best, love how they get louder on the parts they know;0!