Swing into Spring

Taking pictures is fun again!
We finally replaced our old, broken DSLR with a new one!
I'm so excited!
I take so many pictures, and so it stinks when your camera doesn't function correctly.

I'm feeling new again...
new about picture taking
and new about the changing of seasons.
The snow has melted and the kids are venturing outside.
It's so wonderful.  I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to send them outside to play.
And to get in the car without freezing my bootie off.
And walk to the mailbox and feel the warmth of sunshine.
No, winter isn't over, but I'm feeling it winding down.
And loving it!

This past weekend Preston "built" a little swing in our front tree.
It's been a big hit...especially for Stella.  It's just her size.

I hope we can continue to swing our way into Spring, without getting stuck in the snow!

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