Stella's first dance.

The past few weeks I keep having flashbacks to when I was holding Stella for the first time.
I just couldn't imagine her growing up- walking, talking, playing,.....DANCING!
The time has honestly flown by and my baby girl is so big!
She had her very first dance performance yesterday.
It was adorable!

I grew up with a little bit of gymnastics and a lot of softball,
so I'm new to the dance world. I'm no dance mom.
I guess you don't wear undies under dance costumes?!, as the owner of the studio so kindly pointed out.
Stella was the only one up there with her undies showing through her tights.  Oops!
Oh well, life's a dance you learn as you go...

My pictures don't do it justice.  I was sorta busy watching the short show.
I really thought she'd get nervous and run off the stage, but she didn't!
She was a star!
I'm so proud of my tiny dancer!

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