Grateful for Grandparents!

I have stunk it up at taking pictures and at blogging since Halloween.  
October was filled with pictures and this is all I've got for November.
I may not have taken loads of pics but I have loads of memories!
My parents came to visit again and stayed with us for a few weeks.
It was a few weeks of fun, laughter and less work for me (doesn't every mom appreciate this?).
I just love having them around.
I say it every time and every time I realize it more and more.
My kids do too.

A few favorites...
- My mom wakes up at 5am every morning and is a machine- she cleans, she plans and she just gets things done. Like mother, like daughter? (minus the 5am wake-up)
- My dad runs every day.  And not just a mile or two.  I'm so proud of him.
- Going on date nights and not needing a babysitter.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!
- Henry loved having Grandma and Grandpa watch him play in his indoor soccer games.  And by the way my mom was hollering in the stands, I think she did too.
- Seeing James and my dad bond.  Honestly, that kid adores my dad.  He shows his love in strange ways- like tackling and talking your ear off- but he held that man on a pedestal (as do I).
- Listening to Stella tell my parents that she wasn't in the family picture from 2002 because she was "still in heaven with her brothers and Jesus".
- Watching Preston and my mom bust out an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.  They don't just cook- they have fun doing it.  And it was delicious!

My not so favorites...
- Stella waking them up in the middle of the night because she needed a drink...or her mom....or a blanket.
- Me spending 2 days of their time here stressing about making travel plans to KC for the MLS Cup.  I think my mom was more stressed than me (which is hard to come by) as Preston and I sat down to fight for tickets online with the rest of the world at 5:57pm on Wednesday night.
- Saying goodbye to them on Saturday morning at 6am and hearing sobs coming from the window.  Henry was watching them leave and was crying, "I don't want them to go".  He was really sad but snuggled in my bed and fell back to sleep.

I'm just glad I have great parents to love and miss!
Until next time!

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