Christmas Eve {Eve}

The fun began on Christmas Eve Eve.
Henry has been begging to go to Surf and Swim (Utah's Indoor Ocean) for a long time now!
We finally put on our suits, despite the 20 degree weather, and headed over for a swim in the waves.
Henry invited his friend Tyler along to show him the ropes.  He's an awesome swimmer!
James loved having Davis there too!
Stella mostly bobbed on the waves with her Daddy.
It was fun to get a little taste of summer in the middle of winter.

My family has had a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day.
Well, Christmas Day with little ones is much too busy so we opted for Christmas Eve instead.
Frozen did not disappoint.  It was sooo cute!  And I can't stop singing, "Let it go..." or "Do you wanna build a snowman?".  The full recliners in the theater were amazing, as well!

The Pond Christmas Eve was at Janelle's this year.  Nick was still in the rehab center so we kept the party close so he could visit.  It was a fun-filled night of Christmas Eve traditions.
And I must admit, the 4 minute drive home wasn't too shabby either!

One of our favorite traditions is "Little Jack Horner".
I caught it in action this year...

Just before bed, the kids opened their Christmas Eve Jammies!

The kids drifted off so sleep,
mom and dad "worked" for a few hours
and we all settled in for a cold winter's nap.

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