My Weekend Ordeal (or is it "ordill"?)

Three times a year I get together with friends and we scrapbook the weekend away.
So last weekend I met up with Janelle and Jeni to do some serious work and enjoy lots of food, limited sleep and plenty of laughter.

Jeni started the weekend off with a bang when she entered the conference room like this...

With not 1 but 2 44 oz. drinks in hand!
She said she couldn't decide between Peach Coke or Mango Mountain Dew so she got both!
She's my kind of girl!
In her defense, to sit in front of a computer screen for hours is hard work, so this kind of consumption is necessary.

We got a ton of stuff done for the next few hours, took a break for some yummy Indian food and Fro Yo, then returned to work some more until the early hours of the morning.
Even though I was exhausted I couldn't fall asleep because Janelle told me that pickles weren't "a good dill" at Sam's Club, so I was really confused.  Were they not a good "deal", as in too much money, or not a good "dill" as in not a good flavor?  I'm still not sure of the answer really.  But I designed her a little graphic to go with her Utahism...
I know, it's stupid.  But at 2am everything is funny.
Don't you "fill" that way?

Good thing we all had ear plugs, so even though we only got 5 hours of sleep, they were good ones!

On Saturday Jeni and I emerged from the hotel room wearing very similar outfits,
so that called for some selfies in the mirror...

Saturday was filled with lots more scrappin', eatin' and good conversation.

I completed my 2012 family scrapbook and here's a few of my pages...

And I must preface these next pictures with...I love my husband.
He's honestly wonderful and the best daddy ever.
He prefers staying home with the kids and has never once complained about it when I leave overnight.
I know he plays with them all.day.long and takes care of them better than I ever could.
BUT, look at the mess I came home to...

 This might not look too bad to you, but I have OCD and it about went out the roof...
PLUS, this was at 2am and...
- every light in the house was on.
- the tv was on with a Wii error message.
- pizza crust was on the floor.
- chewed up bubble gum was on my couch.
- candy wrappers were everywhere.
- cupboard doors and pantry doors were open.
- STINKY, dirty rags were in the sink.
- Stella was not in her bed when I walked by.
- the TV was blaring in my room.

I walked in to see this...

For a second I was mad that it didn't look like they saved me much of a spot or a blanket,
and the fact that melted ice cream was in bowls on my night stand,
and then it dawned on me that my kids probably went to bed very, very happy.
And that's all that mattered.
I threw the stinky, stinky rags in the washing machine, turned off the lights & tv, grabbed an extra blanket and hopped right in with them.  
8 hours later I awoke to my hubby happily making breakfast while the kids were playing.
And the mess was gone.

I was happy that I decided to just "dill" with it and go to bed.
And I was happy that I'm one lucky lady to have such a wonderful husband!

It was a good weekend!

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Keely said...

I love the bottom pic for a christmas card,
"Merry x-mas to all and to all a goodnight"