Pumpkin Picassos

I know I sing her praises on this blog time and time again, but my sister-in-law, Janelle, is one amazing woman!  Every October she invites us over to her house to eat dinner, gut pumpkins, carve and make a mess of her basement playroom.  It's the best!  And she's a saint!  
We look forward to it every year!

This year didn't disappoint!  The kids were all very comfortable digging in and emptying their pumpkins of the sickening goop.  No whining. No "eww gross".  No ugly faces.  Oh, wait...
Can you believe that?  What a shot!
His pumpkin guts and drool falling at the same rate!
And that disgusted look on his face.
He loved it nonetheless.

The teeth were a new item this year.  Kinda ugly.  Kinda endearing.  Kinda weird.
They are supposed to glow but I don't really see it.  
Each one of the kiddos drew on their pumpkin and daddy did the cutting (thank you, daddy).
Except Henry.  He has graduated and uses the saw with great accuracy.
He's really into Minecraft right now- can you tell?  I sure can at home.

We love Fall and it's always fun to celebrate with friends!

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