No ordinary pumpkin picking

We paid a visit to our favorite patch- Day Farms!
The best line of the night was when Henry said, 
"I don't want just an ordinary pumpkin".
It was fun to see their little personalities and preferences come out as they were doing the pumpkin picking.
Stella walked as far as she could go, tripping multiple times on the vines, and found a tiny pumpkin, just her size to carry back to the tractor (independent and determined).
James went on a mission for the biggest pumpkin he could find and called his dad over to carry it for him {goal-oriented and a team player}.
Henry went on the not-so-ordinary pumpkin hunt and got side-tracked by the small rotten pumpkins and began throwing them across the patch {fun loving and living in the moment}.
My kids, I tell you.  They are each very different and keep me on my toes.  But they are fun.
I had one of those "I have a good life" moments on our hayride back to the car.
I was thinking...
Does Utah get any prettier than it does in October?
That sunset is one of the best I've seen.
My kids are happy.  Right now.  All of them. Miracle.
There's a chill in the air, but just enough for boots and a hoodie.
That warm soup we had for dinner was really good.  I nailed it. Everyone ate 2 bowls.
The holidays are coming up and I'm feeling ready.
This year has been rough, in minor ways, but we are blessed and life is good.
Can we pause time?
I really want a chocolate shake right now.

And that's where my thoughts ended.
Then we got a shake.

It made for a fun, fulfilling, not-so-ordinary night!

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