Run for Fun?

I don't have a love for running,
but I do love my kids' school!
They had their annual Fun Run, and we had to go and support!

All of my kiddos had a friend to run with, and they all finished and did great!
Even Stellie tagged along with Harper and Allie and made the 1.2 mile loop!
Henry was the first to come in from our family,
and I think all of his soccer practice is paying off in the running department...
He's got some hustle and some stamina.
I told James, "Just run the whole way. No walking."
I guess he took that advice very seriously because he kept encouraging his friends (and his friend's mom) to never stop running. 
They were all flushed and thirsty when they were done,
but I think they had a great time!
What a way to spend a beautiful family night!

Keep Calm and Habla Espanol!

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