Preschool Princess...

The day I've been waiting for...
Stella goes to preschool, and I get 3 hours of freedom! 
I should feel bad saying that but it's only 2 times per week and she's loving it!
She's always a bit apprehensive at first, but she ends up having a ball.
I'm especially excited because she'd doing a combo of preschool and dance/gymastics.
On Tuesdays she does dance after preschool and on Thursdays she does gymnastics.
She's been dying to do gymnastics since she got potty trained.
It was really weird being alone at the gym, in the car, in the shower, in the house and running a few errands, but the time flew by and when I went to pick her up she had a big grin on her face!
It's on to new adventures for my little lady...

Isn't she cute?
I sure think so.

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