a lesson in forgiveness

I know I never shut up about it,
but this parenting stuff is HARD!
I have a few stubborn children that you could say are entitled.
It's the end of the world to them if they can't play my iphone while at their brother's soccer game.
Brats, huh?  Then, they proceed to throw the phone when asked to hand it over.
They just might need boot camp.  And their mom might need a mental hospital.

On Saturday this very scenario occurred.
I was so angry and upset and my oldest lost all of his privileges for the rest of the day.
No screens. No snacks. No friends.
AND it was his favorite day of the week- Saturday- play day.  AND it was only 11am.
But I was hurt and annoyed and having those "I suck as a parent" and "my kids are screwed" thoughts,
so I stuck to my guns.
Later that day, I received this note from my sweet Henry...

I read the note, stared at him a second, swallowed hard and wasn't sure what to do.
Most of you probably think it was manipulative on his part but the word "mercy" just kept throbbing in my head.  Afterall, he had suffered a few hours of loss of privileges AND got a mouthful from mom and dad. How could I deny him forgiveness?
So, I decided to talk to him for a bit, give him a big hug and let him go play with his friends.  No phone.  Just friends.

I'm not saying I made the right decision.  I could've been played.  I could be a naive parent who hopes their child truly wants to repent and be better and obey their Heavenly Father.
But I was erring on the side of love and I was okay with that.
I sure hope my Heavenly Father does the same for me one day because I sure as heck ain't perfect.
Thanks for the reminder, Henry!


chris w said...

I think you made a safe bet. :)

I'm continually reminding myself that is to teach instead of punish. It's hard to remember in those rough moments.

Good job mama!

chris w said...

*that it is important to teach...

Melissa said...

Make me want to cry! I think you are an awesome mom. How great is it that he thought it all through? I would have done the same thing.