Tooth Fairy Times Three!!!

We had a horrible week with Henry getting an infection in 2 of his teeth and having to get both pulled.
He was quite the trooper.  Then he lost a 3rd tooth all on his own.  The tooth fairy was super busy for the week! 

We returned to the dentist today for Henry to get sealants on his teeth.  The receptionist and the dentist exclaimed at different times, "This is going to be the easiest appointment you've ever had!".  Let's just say that this little boy of mine is scarred from his traumatic tooth experience.  He sat in the dentist chair and the dental assistant began doing the sealants and he burst into tears.  We finally had to leave without getting the work done.  I hope he can get back there soon and can get over his fear!
I felt really bad for him!  I guess it's a good lesson in "lay off the sugar and maybe we won't have to do this!"...for him and for me!!!

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