It's GREAT to be EIGHT!

 Henry actually turned 8 on Sunday, but we had been celebrating all weekend! Lucky kid!
It was nice to have it on a Sunday so we could just spend the day at home with family
and he could actually open and enjoy his presents.
Plus, he got to pick all of his favorite meals for me to make!

As you can see above and below his main passions right now are soccer and legos.
His life sorta revolves around both of them.
He will wake up extra early to have time alone building Legos- he doesn't like it when his brother or sister touch them or try to "help".
He still plays comp soccer and goes to every RSL home game.  It's so funny to hear him talk about the players like he knows them.  I think he used to go mainly for the cotton candy treat, but now he really loves the game!

This kid can be rough to deal with at times- he's independent and impatient- just like me!
But he blows me away at how much he helps his little sister and how well he knows the gospel!
We love our Henry and we all think it's GREAT TO BE 8!!!

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