Big men on campus!

Today was the day!
2 boys went to school!
They both had a great day and are happy to go back tomorrow!

My little James cracks me up because he is so easy going.
His first day of real school and he never got nervous or even excited.
He's a lot like his dad that way.
I drove them over to the school early this morning to take a few pictures and 
be sure they knew where to go, and he just jumped right out and went and found his spot in line.
No big smiles and not a care in the world.
It was nice to know he would be just fine.
Henry taught him how to say "Bano" {bathroom} on the way over since they are learning Spanish and
his teacher is fresh from Spain.  I'm glad his brother knows what's important- as long as you know how to tell your teacher that you need to use  the restroom you are good to go! 

Stella and I spent our morning at home cleaning.
She was happy as can be to play with her babies and watch "Olivia" in peace.
We picked up James and headed to Chick-fil-A to celebrate the end of day one!
Again, he was pretty laid back about discussing what he did in Kindergarten.
The next few hours rushed by and we went to pick up Henry.
We had to celebrate with him, of course, too so we hit Krispie Kreme for a donut.

It still hasn't sunk in that school is back in session and pretty soon I will have ALL 3 in school for a few hours each week!  How does it feel to grocery shop alone in the morning?  Hmm...How does it?  
I'm not sure, but I will know soon!!!

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