{POND Staycation 2013}

Since sadly we aren't joining my family for their big Disneyworld trip next week,
and we had no major vacation plans (besides visiting family and camping),
we decided to take a full day and do some fun things around home that the kids have always wanted to do.  And so, the Pond Family Staycation 2013 was born...

James chose Tennis, Henry wanted to try rock climbing, and Stella wanted to swim.
We managed to please everyone and had a blast doing it!
Even eating dinner out was fun, which is really rare with kids!
We went to Tepanyaki and our grill chef was a riot!  He kept the kids completely entertained and giggling with fire and food tricks.  And it was delicious!

Stella blew me away being brave today- she climbed and climbed at the climbing gym- even got higher on the wall than James!  We had to put a harness on her and belay her because she got too high for us to reach on our tippy toes.  She made it 1/4 the way up the wall!

Henry was having the time of his life and could've stayed at the climbing gym all day!
A few times he got to the very top on a couple of different routes.

James was a good sport, but preferred to play it safe on the wall and at the pool.  
Check out his jump! ;)

Can I just say I want to do this every year?
There are so many fun things to do right around our city that are affordable and fun,
but we don't branch out often.  This made for one, busy day, but the kids were so well-behaved
and loved every minute of it, as did we!

I'm ready to do it all again!
I love my family and this was a great way to be together!

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