The HAPPIEST of father's days!

After having weeks of Preston being dizzy, nauseous and down sick,
it was nice to take a day and celebrate the Daddy of the house and the things we take for granted!
When he can't quite do the usual- play soccer all day long, carry heavy things, be our chauffeur, go to work etc.- you remember how grateful you are for healthy bodies and normal days that sometimes seem boring!!!
We sure were grateful for our Daddy this year- we think he's the best!

It wouldn't be Father's Day without celebrating with our dads too!
We got to visit the Pond Daddy but weren't able to make it 1,000 miles to see my dad.
I did get to send him some new attachments for his runner's keychain that documents all of his races- I'm so proud of him and love him dearly!  We will be visiting there in July.

Knowing that our Daddy is healthy (but dizzy at times) was a true blessing this Father's Day!
It made it extra HAPPY!!!

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