Summer of Sports

So far our summer has been jam packed with sports!
I feel like I have been running to and from practices, games and tournaments.
Some nights Preston has to take one of the boys to one place while I take the other to the other place.
We've had to turn down a lot of fun things to attend practices and games.

Sometimes I feel bad- like I'm shoving my boys into sports at such young ages,
but I know it's what is right for our family right now.  And by no shoving on my part.
I grew up playing sports and not only loved it, but it became a large part of my identity.
That's where I met the majority of my friends and developed many of my personality traits.
I can't imagine my life without sports and the lessons in life that I learned!
Not much can top being a team player and setting individual goals and accomplishing them!

Plus, they love it!  During most downtimes I can find Henry kicking the soccer ball around
or gathering up his friends in our backyard to play a game of kickball.
James always asks, "How many days until my next game?".
It's also been a great bonding experience for Preston and the boys.
They love to play sports in the yard, go shopping for new gear and having their own little competitions.
James prefers to watch random soccer games on TV & today yelled out "It's Messi- he's the best!",
and both boys count down the days until the next Real game.

I'm happy that they are loving their summer sports
"I love to watch them play" (a GREAT read, by the way)!
...and I tell them so.

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