Date Night for Dads

With my hubby being sick (dizzy) I've been missing date nights with him.
He's slowly but surely getting better,
so we set up a "Father's Day date night" with our neighbors/friends.
We knew the men would love to go shooting at the new indoor range...

And, we knew the women could use some practice...
{I did manage one "bullseye", if you can call it that.}

We had a lot of fun, except the fact that our preggo pal, Katie, was not allowed in the range.
She was slightly relieved and waited out in the lobby.
Allie, on the other hand, wished she was denied entrance.  She told us she would rather be "Katniss with a bow and arrow" if an intruder came into her house than a woman with a gun.
We hit the Mongolian Grill for dinner, a meaty choice for the men because again, it was a father's day celebration.

We ended the night with games at our house.
I think the shooting took an emotional toll on Allie because she was out like a light by night's end...

Game over.

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