the LONG and SHORT of it...

I had been debating cutting Stella's hair for awhile now.
When my favorite hair stylist, Harmony, was booked for most of the summer, I decided it wasn't meant to be and that I would just let it be super long for awhile.  But then she contacted me to tell me she had an opening...the NEXT day!
A decision had to be made fast.
A friend said, "It IS getting scraggly". 
My sister said, "Don't cut it!!!".
I was still feeling confused, but then I remembered that Harmony has never failed me in the past!
And, she pulled through again!

Stella and I walked into the salon, just 2 girls on a trip to the beauty salon.
It was a great mom and daughter outing.
Stella didn't skip a beat- she jumped right up into the chair and let Harmony do her magic.
She sat still and was pretty quiet.
Harmony kept asking Stella questions and she would just smile.
When she asked how old she was Stella said "five".
Too bad she was lying, but with her new bob she could almost pass for it!
When she was all done and hopped down from the chair she looked at her hair on the floor and started giggling.  It was pretty cute!

I was sad to see her baby locks go, but her new do is so cute
and will be perfect for hot summer fun!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE her haircut! Too cute! :)