my piece on peace

Life has been crazy lately.
I'm blaming it on 3 kids.
2 of which play 2 sports and 1 a musical instrument.
1 of which pees and poops in their pants & wakes 3 times in the night asking, "cuber me up?".
My husband may just be to blame too.
He's been out of town 25 out of the last 30 days.
This leaves me to deal with the 3 said kids (and their extracurriculars) alone.
Insane, I tell you.
And I brought it all on myself...I chose 3 kids and 1 husband.  Still a pretty good choice, I think.

BUT, I did get a day and a half break from it all.
Last weekend was our scrapbook getaway
and it was much needed and much loved.

I scrapbooked much, of course...

chatted in peace,
ate in peace,
peed in peace,
slept in peace,
ran in peace,
laughed in peace,
and basked in peace.

Needless to say, it was peaceful
and pleasant
and wonderful
and I can't wait to do it again!

Until then, I will brave the storm...

1 comment:

pamela said...

and i assume you were right in my neighborhood scrapbooking and i didn't even come see you. i'm sorry, but you just said it - life is way crazy!!!

miss you.