Memorial Weekend was loaded with events and milestones...
first haircuts,
a fun bunch pizza party,
lawn mowing lessons,
pooping on the potty,
in and out burger,
bbq with friends,
a soccer tournament,
a park trip,
an RSL game,
$.49 Slurpees,
soccer, soccer, soccer in our yard,
and lots of beautiful weather!

We even took time to celebrate the holiday with family...

And some fond "memories" to never forget from "memorial day"...
1. Stella pooped on the potty all by herself 2x for the first time ever and is officially potty trained!
2- James learned to tie his shoes, even before his big brother!
3- Henry practiced soccer for hours and mastered the chicken dance move!
4- Preston is STILL dizzy and we are clueless as to why!  Hoping to get answers at the ENT tomorrow.

Hope yours was memorable!

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