Flying High

Not as though I could love her any more than I already do,
but Stella has made loving her that much easier this past week.

For example,
she is so incredibly independent.
She can spend hours roaming the house,
playing with a doll for a bit,
going outside to ride her bike on the driveway,
shutting herself in her room to sing to her babies,
pacing the backyard with a random stick,
watching birds out the window,
creating a tower of books or blocks,
pushing the doll stroller all through the house
and the list goes on...

This week she found the kite she received in her Easter basket,
got it out of the package and gave it a whirl...

My boys have just never been this self-sufficient or adventurous all by their lonesome.
She is one carefree and independent girl.

Last Monday she announced that she was not going to wear diapers anymore.
And guess what?  She pretty much hasn't since.
She has just about potty trained herself.
She had 1 pee accident and 2 poop accidents earlier in the week,
but then she earned a new doll last night after staying dry for 3 days straight!
Then today she pooped on the potty 2 times after waking up this morning with dry underwear!

We are so proud of our little girl!
She is growing up right before our eyes...
the haircut and now this!
I never thought the day would come that I would declare our house diaper free,
but I think now is the time!
Everyone is flying high here tonight!
Preston pretty much shed a tear he was so impressed that his baby girl is potty trained.
He even beamed with pride as she yelled at the soccer game today across the grass,
"I POOPED in the potty, Daaaad!", amongst other fans.
She knew it was something to celebrate, and so did he!

I love my girl.  I hope she always stays her independent, care-free self!

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