At least I make good banana bread...

Mother's Day at our house was a little strange.
My husband has been dizzy for a week now and is pretty much down for the count.
We followed through with the typical Sunday breakfast and church,
but didn't go out to the Pond party to celebrate with Preston's mom because being in the car
for 2 hours while dizzy will pretty much kill you...especially a guy who doesn't even like roller coasters.

The kids still gifted me with cute, homemade cards.
Preston tried his best to help out.
We were able to play and hang out outside as a family in the newly arrived warm temps
and enjoy a nice dinner off the grill.
It was pleasant.

I'm a realist and don't think motherhood is 100% bliss,
but I try not to whine about it too much either.
I do know it's my most important calling in life and my biggest struggle,
and I do know that I need to do better at it.

When James gave me his Mother's Day card from church
I was honored that on 2 of the petals he listed that I made good banana bread.
Pretty darn impressive for a mom that doesn't bake.
Then I felt bad when he left "She teaches me..." blank.
He said he couldn't think of anything I taught him.
Guess what?  I couldn't think of much either.
That made me feel a little sad.
Maybe I should teach him to make good banana bread...

Some may say this motherhood business is ordinary, but I won't buy it for a second.
I'm a warrior. I'm mighty. I'm a mother.
I may not play with my kid all day, or teach them everything they need to know, and boy do I know I can do much, much better,
but I will always fight for them.

This is pretty powerful...

I'm doing "Kingdom business. Jesus work."  I love that.
It keeps me going on this crazy ride of motherhood.
At least I don't have to do it while dizzy...

Happy Mother's Day!


pamela said...

i value you because you are fun. and i've never had your banana bread, but i'm sure it's good!

Keely said...

love the polka dot dress, do you use grannys recipe?

that is my kids and coles favorite too, I add choc chips:)

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing that video. Very powerful indeed. A good reminder to me that when the times are tough, I'm a mother for a reason. And I'm very blessed that God gave me the opportunity to raise four children. It won't always be fun but it's Jesus work. <3