Hello, Yellow!

After buying a shower curtain for my kids bathroom over 6 months ago, 
I finally went for it and got their bathroom redone.
I wish I could say that we got new flooring, new cupboards and new countertops,
but that is not the case.
But, I think with a new coat of paint, a new shower curtain, new towels, new pictures, a new light fixture, a new clock, a new rug, a new stepstool and a few new decor items, 
it's looking pretty good!

Here's the before picture...

And the after...

I must say that I was a bit worried about the boldness of the yellow at first,
but I realized that everything else tones it down, so it just makes for a bright, cheery place.
And bathrooms can be bold right?

I must give credit where credit is due!....Janelle really pulled through for me again
and came over to help me paint this sucker (thanks, Janelle!)!  There was just a minor setback with tape that wouldn't stick, but other than that, this was a couple hour project!
Instant gratification!

When Janelle said to James, "Yellow is my favorite color. Do you like it?", James said, 
"No.  My favorite color is blue. You painted over my favorite color."  Oops!
I think he'll forgive us- most rooms in this house are blue!

My favorite item in the bathroom is the shower curtain.  I got it at West Elm.  I'm a sucker for stripes.
The part I'm the most pleased how it turned out?  The light fixture!  I ran to Home Depot to grab one and surprisingly enough, I LOVE IT! It has an industrial touch that I enjoy.
I have complained and complained that the toilet in that bathroom is DISGUSTING!
Did you know you can buy a toilet seat for $5 at Walmart?  THAT is the best 5 bucks I've ever spent!
True transformation, people.

I'm glad it's done and I hope my kids enjoy it.
I know I love spotting the sunshine-y yellow from out in the living room- it's a mood lifter.
Now if my kids can just pee IN the toilet and keep this one nice for a bit, I will be happy.


Keely said...

looks like you are just missing the toilet scarf:)
I like the bold bright

Jody said...

Awesome! I am on my way to walmart! Thanks for the tip.

pamela said...

turned out totally perfect.