Fix-It Henry

Henry had his job fair at school this week, and it was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!
He worked so hard on his report about being a mechanic- the career that he was assigned.
The kids had their desks lined up and down the halls, and they would answer questions about their careers.
I'm not sure Henry is convinced he wants to be a mechanic when he grows up, but he sure loved pretending to be one!  He kept telling everyone, "I can fix that!".

The best part was the singing and dancing.  My kid can dance!  He did a swing dance with this cute little girl, and was so happy and comfortable doing it.  My favorite picture is the one above where Henry is looking at Abby, his partner, with a huge grin on his face and she is full of excitement as well.  This was the finale pose of their dance together.  

What a fun night for our family to see what Henry has been learning about at school!

And I have to give kudos to our biggest cheerleader, Aunt Nellie!!!

Since all the grandparents live far away, she is the surrogate supporter...
she brings her kids to everything- school stuff, basketball games, soccer games. etc. and is full of pride,
love and cheering (she can give a pretty big CHEER!) for our kids.  
We love her (and her family) so much and can't imagine life without them!

Speaking of mechanics and car fixing, we are bidding farewell to "Ole Blue", Preston's beloved minivan.  He has been driving that thing for years, and we've thought it's been on it's last leg for quite awhile but the news finally came from our trusted mechanic (not Fix-It Henry) that it is done.  It needs a new engine.  Goodbye, "Ole Blue"!  Thanks for 270,000 miles!!!


Keely said...

Need the video of Henry's dance, looks so cute, looks like the lil lady may be a lil older than him?
So happy to hear the death van is out of the driveway now!!

mama said...

Love the K-State tag!! Love your posts..