I always want to be with my own family...

Happy Valentine's Day from our fam to yours!

Preston and I got to go to a Valentine Party last weekend and our cute host set up a photobooth.
We had a great time and even got emailed our shots...

It's always fun to spend time together without the kids.
I was even impressed that Preston played along to the un-newlywed game
and rocked stories about our first date and honeymoon.
He's not the cheesy type but he's always willing to dish out the love when it's needed or desired.
I love my Bubba- that's what I called him in our dating years, and now it just sounds silly.
He's got the best sense of humor, the best work ethic and the best desire to prioritize.
I couldn't do this mom job or this journey of life without him.

And as we all know, the sexiest hubby of all is the one that plays with the kids.
And, he's the BEST at that.

Speaking of our munchkins, I love them forever too.

Henry is becoming quite the big kid lately.
He's learning everything in school- fractions and how to write reports.
He loves having playdates with his friends from school.
We went to a school skating party last week and he was brave trying to rollerskate.
It was cute to see him interact with his school friends- a girl kept trying to help him.
It reminded me of the good ole skating days in elementary.

James says the funniest things.
Last Sunday he said, "I'm so glad tomorrow is Monday because on Mondays we do Family Home Evening, so I know we'll play.  The rest of the weekdays I just sit on the couch."

And....when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said,
"I know, Mom, I just want to go to the gas station and get my OWN Coke".

That kid keeps me laughing.

This girl continues to be my best friend, best shopping buddy and little shadow.
I love that she mimics me on the phone and is always playing pretend with her toys.
She's so full of personality and I can't wait to see what she becomes.

I love my family.

Enjoy your LOVE day!

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Melissa said...

So cute Jessie! James' comments made me laugh out loud. We should get the boys together so they don't have to just sit on the couch!