Happy #5 James!

My little man is 5 today!

I miss this...
 photo jamesnewbie_zpsc2228926.jpg

But am so happy that he's becoming such a big kid now.
5 is a big deal.  
Not much of a toddler anymore.
Heading to Kindergarten.
More and more independent.
A little person.

It's exciting and scary all at the same time!

Here's my big boy at 5...

 photo 2-JAMES5_zps6cd2bfc6.jpg

And this is the poster we made for his preschool "King Day" with all of his favorites on it...
 photo 2-JAMES5-2_zps127dc22f.jpg

I just have to say that I love this kid!
He's so so sweet,
super funny,
extremely helpful,
an amazing big brother
and has a kind, kind heart.

We celebrated Chinese New Year tonight with Preston's family,
and James' fortune said,
"If every kind deed you did was worth a penny you would be a millionaire".
And I think it's true!

We love you, Jamers!

Now get that thumb out of your mouth!
{the dentist said it had to go when he turned 5}

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Orange said...

What a cutie! It really doesn't seem like 5 years since he was born. Hope he is having a good one!