Searching for Sparkles

The night after Thanksgiving we were pulling onto our street coming home from dinner
and as we turned the corner we saw that all of our neighbors had wonderful light displays on their houses.
Stella gasped and got excited and then looked at our house and said,
"Why doesn't our house sparkle?".

My heart broke a little for her,
but her Daddy's heart stayed as hard as coal.
So no lights again for us this year.

Instead we drive around every night and Stella says,
"It's a sparkle night" when she sees Christmas lights on houses.
We just mooch off of other people's labor of lights love.
And, we never miss the Layton Lights, "The lights before Christmas".

The kids love to walk around and see all of the characters, animals and bright displays.


The tunnel is a new addition this year...

The boys prefer to run through the lights and act silly...

And, as I'm sure you may have noticed I couldn't get a single picture of Stella looking at the camera because she was so in awe of the "sparkles"...

She was all-smiles though...

Maybe next year this Grinch will decide to fulfill Miss Sparkles Christmas wish...
...and add a little sparkle and Christmas spirit to our house!

Or, maybe his heart is 2 sizes too small...

1 comment:

Keely said...

this cracks me up, leave it to your girl to need some sparkle, don't you have some neighborhood club that will hang your lights for you so grinch doesn't have to?