Fall Ballin'

We have spent most of our Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at soccer and basketball this season.  It has been fun watching Henry get better and better, and truly start to love sports.
I think his daddy is into it even more than him, but it's been a great thing for them to do together.
And, my son tends to be a bit of a sore loser in his day to day life, so I'm glad he's learning some good lessons and they are finally keeping score (and winning AND losing!)!


As for me, a close game stresses me out!  I know it doesn't matter and it's just a game but when my 7 year old says, "We just have to beat these guys and we'll be in first place", you really want it to happen, you know?  No worries, I'm not vocal- I just tense every muscle in my body and feel sore the next day. Cheap workout, huh?
Good thing he won't be going to the Major Leagues anytime soon or I might need a psychiatrist!


Orange said...

Wow! I didn't think they even kept score in basketball at least. I can't imagine being tense watching my boys, but I'm sure they don't care if they win either :)

Jessie said...

Not in basketball, just in soccer. I inherited it from my mom- she used to leave the gym when my sister was on beam (she did gymnastics). Not sure why she came if she left when she competed! ;)