Whole 30 Completed.


I did it!  30 days of no sugar, grains, dairy, soy, or processed foods.
I really did it!  No Coke. No Cheez-its. No Cafe Rio. No Fro Yo.

I'm glad to say I did it, and I know there are many health benefits to it,
but I must admit I'm so glad it's over and pretty disappointed that I only lost 9 pounds.
I know, 9 pounds is 9 pounds and that's about 2 pounds per week (healthy weight loss),
but in my unhealthy mind I know I could have lost 2 pounds a week counting calories and having a daily Coke and a splurge on the weekend.  That's what I've done in the past.
I regret to say that I didn't take measurements (blaming the brain fog for that one), as I know that would have been more telling of my results.

Yes, I slept like a baby for 30 days (and needed about 9 hours of sleep).
Yes, I'm sure my body was more stable (instead of sugar highs and lows).
Yes, my hair is baby soft (and limp).
Yes, I was more calm and might even say a bit more patient (probably from no caffeine).
Yes, it made me realize how many over-processed, horrible-for-you foods that are out there and how to make better choices for my family.
Yes, I wanted to fist  bump my chest in the mirror every night for having more willpower than I've had the past 33 years of my life.


I only lost 9 pounds.
I was EXHAUSTED by 9pm every night and worthless during my "me time" (9-11pm).
I was kind of in a fog (I thought I would be super productive since I know I couldn't focus on food).
Fruits and veggies and good meat are EXPENSIVE!
It is time CONSUMING to cook 3 meals a day from scratch.  I'm so sick of my cutting board!
I was hoping for some physical gains at the gym, but instead I've been pretty sluggish and weak.
My face is still as zitty as a hormonal teenager.
It's downright depressing to eat like this.  Did the cavemen have depression?
Okay, maybe I went a little far on that last one, and I know I'm way too emotionally attached to food, but sometimes a girl just needs a treat to lift her mood from the whining and the fighting and the diaper changing.  My mood has been a little dull the past 30 days- not much to look forward to.  When's the last time you called a friend and said, "Hey, let's go grab a Lara Bar together?" or "Wanna chat over some steamed veggies and grilled chicken?".  It just doesn't happen.  My social life has been lacking.
Now I know treats and social life aren't everything in life, but they seem to be at this point in the life of this mother-of-three-small-children.

It's over.  Not really sure what's next.  I would love to lose 10 to 15 more pounds and be at a healthy BMI (that's not too much to ask, right?) but not sure how to get there.  Might have to go back to my the handy "My Fitness Pal" app.  

I did it.
It was mentally, physically, emotionally and socially exhausting, but it's done.

I'm sure these kids are glad that their mom might have a little more pizazz today,
and that that pizazz might be increased after hitting RB's and Menchie's...

Don't let my Whole 30 summary get to you....
if it's something you want to do, go for it!
Everyone gets different results and has different realizations along the way.
(like my tinsy-winsy-sisters-who-didn't-need-to-lose-an-ounce that each lost 15 pounds)
Go for it!  It will be an eye-opening experience!


Keely said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I do not fit one bit left out that I didn't participate in this one,
I wanna here about Preston?

Anonymous said...

I think 9 lbs sounds amazing! As does 15. I can't imagine losing that much weight in a month.

I feel like it's depressing too. I am a social eater. I like to go out to eat with friends or have a drink with someone. I love food and I don't know if I can do the whole 30 but I'd like to try sometime.

katieandkelly said...

I love your honesty and agree 100%!! I'm so sick of the kitchen and dishes!