our master{piece}

I try to update one room in my house every year- I'm trying to get rid of the country bumpkin we had going on in here the past 6 years. I chose my master bedroom because it needed some serious work- it was not a place of rest or relaxation- more of clutter and chaos.

Here's the before (except we don't usually have it made into a fort like this- courtesy of the boys)

I'm really not calling this update a masterpiece, but I did think it made a cute title. ;)

So here's our "new" master bedroom.  It was really done a few months ago, but I've been slow to take pictures and get them posted.

{Janelle and I painted the stripes on the wall}
{Preston made the headboard, just from wood, stain and IKEA lights}
{I spraypainted the letters and the frame that hang above the bed- both from Hobby Lobby}
{I ordered my pillow covers here- they were my color inspiration}
{Bedding from Target}
{Paint is "exhale"- I love that name for a bedroom!}

{I've always wanted a full length mirror- found one at Tai Pan.  Made a few new frames for the dresser.}

{Preston installed the board and hooks- I use it to hang my PJ's, gym clothes, jackets, hats etc.}
{We stained the hope chest to match the rest of the furniture.  Cute bench cover courtesy of Kinsey}
{A large TV will one day hang over this hook board- so I can fall asleep to reality TV.}

My gallery wall inspired by Pinterest...
{It's mostly a tribute to Preston and I}

{Close up.  Vinyl courtesy of Allie.}

I designed most of the pictures and quotes in Photoshop.  My favorite was our picture collage hanging above our dresser.  It's pictures of just the two of us throughout the years...

That's about it for our bedroom. Once I was done I decided to use the leftover gray paint from the stripes to update our master bathroom, as well.  How could I not?  I wouldn't feel complete until they were both done.  

{New fixtures.  Preston framed the mirror.}

{Towels from Kohls- I'm a sucker for Chevron, if you couldn't already tell.}


Over the toilet decor...
{I used the leftover fabrics and framed them, then made a few quotes to match.}

And now I enjoy being in my bedroom and bathroom, minus that dirty shower door.
I hate that thing.  

My updating is on hold until the Spring- I want to repaint our main living area,
but that seems like a big job and I stink at painting.
You ready, Janelle?

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Janelle said...

I AM READY! Bring on the painting! Your house looks amazing! I love it!