There's 104 days of summer vacation...

...and school comes along just to end it!

Well, tomorrow Henry goes back to school.
But, we had a grand finale to the summer this weekend celebrating Henry's 7th birthday.
It was Phineas and Ferb themed and we all had a good time!


16 kiddos. 4 adults.  Plenty of fun.


My favorite part was "Candace's Your so Busted Balloon Pop".  Each kid had a balloon tied around their ankle and tried to pop everyone's balloon but their own.  It was hilarious!  Kids were running everywhere- dodging, jumping, sliding, some crying, some laughing, most yelling or chanting- balloons popping. 

Henry has a great group of friends whom he adores and was excited to share his birthday with!
I have a great group of friends/family who were so willing to help out!
Thanks for making his birthday great!

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pamela said...

liam has been talking about how amazing this party was all weekend! way to go.