First Day. Second Grade.


My big boy went back to school yesterday!
We made it quite the event.  Daddy went in to work late so he could make us all breakfast (what a treat!) and ride bikes to school.  
We snapped a few shots in the grass before sending him off.
Stella immediately asked, "Where's Heady?" (her term for Henry).


The day actually sped by.
We ran to the grocery store and I cleaned house while James & Stella played with neighbors.
Then it was time to go get Henry.
I did panic when I got to the school and he wasn't in our waiting spot.
He had jumped on his bike and started riding home alone!  Good thing I found him just down the street, but I'm sure he would have made it home just fine too.
We picked him up and headed to Menchies to celebrate a great 1st day!
He told us he had  his same class as first grade except for 2 new people.
They "didn't do much", just learned how the classroom worked and such.
He was happy so so am I.

Hello, 2nd grade!

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