Summer Lunch Bunch

Every summer some friends and I do a summer lunch bunch together.
I think this is our 3rd year of this tradition.
We rotate houses and the host cooks the lunch for the 6 adults and 16 kids.
The kids mostly play. The moms mostly eat and chat.

Today was my turn to have everyone over.
Our deck is STILL in the process of getting completed, so our backyard is currently a danger to small children,
so we had a front yard gathering.
I was stumped trying to figure out entertainment for the kiddos in the front yard.
Then my friend told me about water blobs she had seen on Pinterest.

The kids were thrilled with the water blobs we made and put in the grass.


I must admit they popped a little sooner than I thought they would.
Each one lasted about 30 minutes.
But, they almost loved playing in the large puddles of water even more.

So, I will count it as a success and may try it again next year with fewer kids.
You really can't beat $3 thrills!

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