the best babysitters

We have the best babysitters parents could ask for.
No joke.

Any time I need them they come.
They are always available and always happy to help.
I say "they" because we always get 2 for the price of 1...they are twin sisters that always come together.
They are responsible, fun and flexible....just what we need!
They make dinner, play with the kids, bathe the kids, clean up and put the kids to bed.
We come home to a house of order and peace.....and that feels amazing!

The other night I called them to come babysit so Preston and I could go to the Real Salt Lake soccer game,
and came they did!

I texted one of them earlier in the day and asked if they'd be willing to make homemade play dough with the kids.
They responded "yes", of course....they are just good like that.
They will do things that even moms just don't want to deal with sometimes (ie: the mess).

They even took pictures of the action....

Making the dough...
If I would have been there, these three kids would NOT have been happily stirring together, all at once.

Their color choices...

And the fun...






It's so nice to upload these photos and know that my kids were having a ball at home with the babysitters,
while we were getting a much needed night away.

The bad news is "the babysitters" (Henry's words), "the sisters" (as James calls them), "MaddyEmma" (Stella's name for them) are moving away in the Fall.
I'm dreading it already.  I can't imagine ever being able to replace them.
I just may have to make play dough with my kids and never go out with my hubby again.
Or, maybe not.

Thanks, Maddy and Emma!  We love you guys!

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