Ever since I got my iphone and Instagram I've been a slacker at taking pictures with my real camera.
It's so nice to be able to pull it out anywhere, anytime and get a decent photo without hauling an SLR around!

So, here's a few more Instagram shots of the trip that I don't want to get lost in the jumble of my other photos.
My iphone caught those "Kodak moments" that I don't want to forget.

I knew the drive down would be long and the kids would be anxious to get there,
so I used an idea from the handy Pinterest and created these clips...
One for each them.  They stay up on the visor when they are being good and get to pick their own snack at the next gas station stop.  Once they are naughty their clip comes down and they don't get a treat.
Worked wonders!  

Disneyland or bust...
I also got the cleaning tray idea online and the boys loved each having their own side to the tray to put all of their coloring books, crayons, snacks, etc.  It fit perfectly between their seats. I will be keeping this tray around for the next road trip!
Don't you love Stella's leg over the car seat?  That's her typical riding position.
And, can you believe that my 2 year old does not sleep in the car?
She will take a 3 hour nap at home in the afternoon but it's a rare moment when she sleeps in the car.
I think she maybe slept for a total of 2 hours during the whole 10 hours there and 10 hours back.

Riding buddies...
Lily and Henry have always been friends- they are only 3 months apart.  This trip they were the best of friends....riding rides together, playing together, laughing and having a good old time.  Lily kept telling her mom that she was going to marry Henry.  Doesn't "Henry and Lily Pond" have a darn cute ring to it?  It doesn't get much cuter than "Lily Pond".

Stella has always had a love for Alice.  She calls every princess "Alice", so when it was time to pick a souvenir I got her an Alice doll set.  She clutched to that thing right away and wanted to be holding it at all times.  Thanks to her brother for teaching her how to pop of Alice's head, we actually lost the head and still have the doll's body and all of it's accessories.  We beheaded Alice.

James and Owen loved the carousel, as did Stella and Miles.  They got to ride it quite a few times when their older siblings were on the huge roller coaster, California Screamin.  They were tall enough for all of the rides except that one and Indiana Jones.  We geared them up for "next time you'll be tall enough".....the next day we returned to the park and James said, "It's next time now.  I'm tall enough!"  Poor guy thought we literally meant the next time we entered the park.

My kids loved seeing themselves on camera after the ride.  They always demanded I take a picture of the screen with my phone (who pays $20 for a photo these days?).  This one was a winner...

Stella would fall asleep in the stroller on occasion.  This night it was after midnight and she fell asleep on the walk back to the hotel.  We found that if we played hard our kids all slept hard!
Disneyland is exhausting!

When Stella would fall asleep in the stroller and the boys wanted to go on rides, I would treat myself...
....and save a bite or two for them.

It was a scary moment when James fell off the fence at Big Thunder Mountain.  Preston saw the blood and said "We are going to need help"- I knew if must have been serious because Preston doesn't panic.  I ran to find a Disney worker and ran back (to take a picture, of course).  Preston realized that it wasn't that bad but redheads and heads, in general, bleed a ton!  The Disney workers came to the rescue and set up a line of workers all around us and a nurse checked out James.  After everything seemed to be okay with him, they gave him a voucher for a free shirt at the gift shop, so he didn't have to wear his bloody shirt for the rest of the night.  Because afterall, the fun must go on!
James was a trooper and never complained or stopped riding rides.

Some favorite moments were....
Dining on Dole Whips
Riding the train (nice break and good scenery)
Stella's love for the carousel- "HORSIES!!!"
Goofy's Kitchen- good food and fun character visits

I'm glad I had my phone handy to catch these memories that we don't want to forget!

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