table time


Our nice neighbors were giving away an air hockey table so we snatched it up.
Preston and I have a history with air hockey. We've been known to organize family tournaments.
We thought this mini table would pass on the love to our little ones.
They are loving it already. And fighting about it.
One minute happily playing and giggling about the puck flying off the table
and yelling at each other about who won and who got hurt & how the next.
But that's just how life goes around here.
A good battle never hurt no one.
Maybe one day we'll get through to them to not be such sore losers
and to just play for the sake of having fun.
But then again, I am the reigning Lund air hockey champion,
so getting them ready to compete & pass on the title may be a better option.

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Keely said...

looks like James had some blood shed?