Cousin Memory

My sister's 3 kiddos have birthdays in March.
One of them was turning 5 and likes to play games.
I saw the idea to make "Cousin Memory" online, so I gave it a shot.

I made 3x3 squares in Photoshop- a picture of the cousin with a cute background paper.
I then put 2 of the same image on one 4x6 to be printed as a photo.
I did that for each of the 10 cousins.
I made one generic "Cousin Memory" card and put 2 of the same image on one 4x6.
I printed one 4x6 cousin card and one 4x6 "cousin memory" card per cousin ($3 total).


I picked them up from Costco and cut them out.
The thin cardboard piece that came in the photo envelope from Costco worked great for a hard backing. I used rubber cement to attach the photo to one side and the "Cousin Memory" label to the other....looking back I probably should've used Spray Adhesive- rubber cement is messy!
Fed Ex laminated them for less than $10 total (which I know isn't cheap).
I cut them all out one last time. And, I had to iron a few that didn't quite seal on the edges.
A small storage container with a lid housed them perfectly and I shipped them off to the Birthday Boy....
after we played a few times with them first.

We hear they are a hit!
A personalized gift for $13 plus a little labor isn't too shabby!


Lindsey said...

I LOVE that idea! We love Memory over here, I'm sure Cam would get a kick out of it with familiar faces on the cards. My boys only have one cousin, so maybe we will extend things to grandparents and aunts/uncles. ;)

Melinda said...

Cute gift!! I think it's time you invest in a laminator. My sister in law got one on amazon for under $30 and has loved it. I think hers is a purple cow brand.

Keely said...

this is the best gift EVER!!!