We should've named him Oscar...

3 years ago, almost to the day, I posted a few pictures of this kid and asked if there was a cure for crankiness.
Well, I still wonder that same question today.

My middle child is the sweetest, most helpful and funny little guy I know.

But, he turns cranky and impossible at the drop of a hat.

It could be that he messed up his paper,
he wants a snack,
he doesn't want to put on his clothes,
he's tired,
he doesn't want to eat dinner,
he doesn't want to buckle his seat belt,
his sister is bugging him or his stuff...
and the list goes on.

It's really sad to say but he's grumpy and whining about 75% of the time.
I've become a pushover mom because I know if James is happy, we can all be happy.
If he's on a cranky rampage, watch out!

I'm hoping that when he turns 4 next week a switch will turn on,
and he will learn to grow up and be happy.
But, I think that's just wishful thinking.
Afterall, he was acting just like this 3 years ago as a baby.
It may be a personality thing.

Disclaimer (otherwise I will feel bad):
Dear James,
I love you, James. I really do. If you read this sometime down the road I want you to know that you hold a very special place in my heart. You force me to be on my toes, always searching how to make you smile. You bring me to my knees in prayer because I know Heavenly Father knows you best. You are my little rebel, and I know you just want to be loved. I'm trying my best and will never stop wanting to make you content and secure.
Love, Mom


katieandkelly said...

If you find an answer, please send it my way! That picture of James at 11 months reminds me of Everett. Maybe it's the second born syndrome?

What is that awesome book they are drawing in? Looks like fun!

Jessie said...

Who knows, Katie!? I'm going crazy!

The book is a dry eraser letter and number book from Costco...they are great for this age!

Renee said...

We had the same problem with P, & it was at that same time that we found out about his gluten allergy...& now he's SO much happier. Seriously, who would have thunk.

That being said, he still gets the grumps, because he's a tenacious & persistent lil' guy! :) (same things as your post says...sounds like we have twinner days!)

Megan said...

LYDIA's long lost twin!!!!!! She is the EXACT SAME WAY. I swear to you! She's been a crabby kid since she came out of the womb and it hasn't stopped yet...at 5. Still cries if you look at her the wrong way.

I wish I had some sort of answer as to when it's going to end...but I remember people telling me that when they go to school it will end. Nope! Lydia goes to 4K 5 days a week for 3 hours a day and she is still the same way. I walk on eggshells because, like you, if Lydia is happy the whole house is happy and things just go so much smoother.