This sweet, innocent little one of mine loves to play with wipes.
She sneaks into the kitchen drawer and pulls out the whole container,
takes it over into the living room and begins dispensing wipes at an alarming rate.
It's as though she is in a minute-to-win-it competition.
The cleaning gene in her will kick in and begin taking the cloths and wiping everything down.
I would just let her go to town and get some practice in, but the expense is killing me.
If you heard her rendition of "clean up, clean up" you would be tempted to sit back and just watch and smile too.

The other night her cute little cousin, Afton, was over and she got in on the action too.
Stella was so happy to have a little swiper friend.

I tried to side track them from swiping by asking them to hug each other...
That's much cuter than wasting wipes, huh?

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Jody said...

That is funny!!!! Love it!