Super Reader!


Henry read his first chapter book this past week.
He's now in love with the Magic Treehouse books and wants all of them.
Two nights in a row he stayed up really late in his bed with a headlamp on his head,
pushing to finish his first chapter book.
Preston and I were both very happy and couldn't be more proud of him.
Something has really clicked in the past month and he's reading up a storm!
This week we were reading scriptures and he was reading so fluently...
he even buzzed right over the word "language".
I'm in awe of his new-found skills.
We had his parent teacher conference the other night and Mrs. Powell informed us
that Henry is reading at a late 2nd grade/early 3rd grade reading level.
He was beaming. It was priceless.
Now we just have to keep that love of reading rolling...
we are stocking up on Magic Treehouse for now.

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