ringing in my ear

As I've already mentioned, my "one little word" for 2012 is listen.
I felt like I needed a constant reminder of my desire to be a better listener.
Because let's get real, I've already gone a few days forgetting about it, and I'm only on day 13.
I ordered this ring from an etsy shop, and I must say I love it.
It's simple, it's cozy and it serves as a good reminder to me everyday (for the 2 days I've had it).

I recently found this quote about listening...

"Listening is an expression of love. It often requires sacrifice.
When we truly listen to others,
we often give up what we want to say so they can express themselves".

Isn't that great?
So this week I have learned that listening is an expression of love.
I can better show my love by truly listening.
...and by simply keeping my mouth shut on occasion.

Happy Birthday to my big sis, KB!
Too bad we can't be together on your birthday.
Just pretend that Tia put on a party hat...

Angie and I baked you a pie or two...

Mom and Dad couldn't be happier to be with you on your birthday...

And life was as low-key as it was way-back-when...
Hope it's a good one! Love ya!

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Mandy said...

Love that ring! I may need to snatch one up too! Loved the words on listening...they are so true!