Gettin' some inspiration and some air!

On Saturday morning I attended my Stake's Women's Conference.
I came home rejuvenated and ready for motherhood again,
but as I walked in the door no one was home.
Preston had left with the kids and taken them to McDonald's and to play basketball.
I took advantage of the spare alone time and folded laundry, picked up and read a book.
One of my favorite parts from Women's Conference was when a lady was talking about loving others.
She told some great stories that basically summed up the message to not live with regret when it comes to loving others....forgive. forget. love. no matter what. it does no good to be angry or resentful.

As soon as they got home we decided to have some family fun and headed out for

The kids were in heaven. Who wouldn't be with wall-to-wall trampolines?

Henry's favorite was the basketball section...

Stella was just happy to be included with her brothers...

They all were great jumpers...

Even Preston and I jumped and got pretty wore out.
That's a sure-fire way to burn some extra calories and be ready for bed!

After some dinner out and the kids were in bed,
I decided it was pretty much a perfect day.
Now if I can just remember to love unconditionally and bounce regularly for a happier, healthier life!

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