Cookin' up a storm!

My husband turned 33 yesterday.
He's a hard one to shop for! He wants NOTHING!
But, the gifter in me always insists upon getting him something.
He does love baseball, soccer, food, cooking and going to the movies,
so I tried to shop according to his desires.

I purchased 2 spots to a Knife Skills cooking class at the new Harmon's in Farmington.
We got a babysitter on Saturday and left the house, and he had no idea where we were going.
Once we pulled in he knew and was very excited. That's a rarity for him, excitement, so I knew I must have done something right this year.

{Us, just as the class was starting, all aproned up}

{Everyone in the class got a free Henkels chef's knife worth $40}

The class consisted of the teacher, Chef Bob, demonstrating how to cut each vegetable.
We learned how to chiffonade lettuce, julienne peppers, dice tomatoes and many others.

{Preston watching Chef Bob}

We each had our own large cutting board and our new knife and got to practice each skill.
Preston rocked it and aced the class. I, on the other hand, needed quite a bit of help with my tomato.
Every time I dice a tomato it ends up mush, and it took quite a bit of practice for me to catch on.
I think I'm ready to make some pico de gallo now though. Chef Bob was a great teacher!

Once all of our veggies were cut in the correct form he whipped up some stir-fry and a salad.
It was all delicious!

I highly recommend the classes if you enjoy cooking at all.

After the class, we hit the movies to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".
{Preston dining on Popcorn in the dark}

It was so good....so intense....so moving....so inspiring.
We left the movie wanting to rush home to our little ones and make the most of the family time we have together on Earth. Honestly, it's wonderful....go see it. We left thinking that the little boy in the show, Thomas Horn, should definitely get an Oscar for his performance, and I was so disappointed this morning to see him not nominated (from what I can tell anyway).

Our drive home was slow, thanks to mother nature...
{Snow packed roads}

{Family Shovel Time}

Welcome, Winter. Finally.

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Ryan said...

Tell Preston he should do the nunchucks skills class next time. That class changed my life.