backpacks and boots

I'm sure I'm just like every other mom in America,
but it is SO hard to get out the door in the morning!!!
Even if we are up by 7, we have a long list of getting-ready-to-go-items...
eat breakfast
brush teeth
get dressed
backpack ready
shoes on
family devotional
....and since I'm OCD, we have to clean up the breakfast, put away the dirty clothes, etc.

And FINALLY we are off (and it's ALWAYS 5 minutes late)!

As I was getting James out the door for preschool this morning,
Stella wanted to join in the fun.
She got her boots on with James (since we got a skid of snow and lots of rain)...

And she wasn't fully dressed without a backpack and a smile...

And, she's off...

I try to treasure these moments since I know all to soon she will be headed off to school too,
but it's hard when you are out of energy, out of time and out of patience.
I'm glad that even in the hustle and bustle
we can find something as simple as boots to smile about.

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