full tithe member


We had our tithing settlement on Sunday night.
As we were getting ready to go Henry was asking questions about tithing.
Henry ran for his wallet and counted out some change.
We knew that most of his money was given to him as a gift, not earned,
so technically he didn't have to pay tithing on it.
But, we decided it was a teaching moment.
If he earned $1 from vacuuming than he would pay $.10.
It was so cute to see him and Preston figuring it out and watching him fill out his tithing slip.
We rushed out the door to tithing settlement and Henry bounded into the Bishop's office
with his dime and tithing slip tucked into his envelope.
He presented it to the Bishop, who gave a great lesson to us all on tithing.
As we left Henry asked, "So am I a full tithe member then?".
It was so neat that he was actually listening to the Bishop asking us if we were full tithe payers.
I guess he was now considered a "member" if that's the way he saw it.
Welcome to the club, Buddy!

I hope the lesson sticks for years to come.

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