Goo Getters

My boys have always been a little frightened or grossed out by the goo inside of a pumpkin.
Well, not this year!
They dug right in and loved it...



While the boys gutted, planned and carved...

Stella ate pumpkin chocolate chip bread...

...and begged for the frozen yogurt to be done.

Once everyone was done pumpkin carving and treating, we headed outside to place our new decor...

Daddy sure did a good job!
James requested his BIG pumpkin to be eating a baby pumpkin.
Henry requested a mummy pumpkin.
Now that is a hard one, but Prest did his best, and Henry was delighted.

The jacks...

The boys relished in their pumpkins aglow
and Stella ran out to the grass crying hysterically and had to be carried back in past the pumpkins.
She was super scared. I'm a little nervous for Halloween night. Maybe the candy will lure her?


Katie G. said...

Hope Halloween goes well for little Stella, we're just as nervous. A knock on the door and the doorbell for some reason just terrifies Annie to hysterics...we'll see how long the porch light stays on this year ;)

pamela said...

looks fun!

Jody said...

Ha ha! That is funny..... Stella is just too darn cute!!!